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Career Opportunities

Foothills Surgery Center is Hiring!

Foothills Surgery Center is looking for qualified healthcare professionals to fill a variety of roles.  If you are interested in applying for one of our open positions, please download the application form and follow the instructions below. We are currently hiring for the following positions:

OR Nurse (RN)

Foothills Surgery Center is seeking a qualified Operating Room Nurse to assist surgeons during operations
and maintain a sterile field. The operating room nurse will provide care for patients during surgery.

Clinical Administrative Assistant

Foothills Surgery Center is seeking a qualified Clinical Administrative Assistant to undertake all
administrative tasks necessary for the surgery center’s medical operations. This role will be the facilitator
of meaningful communication between medical staff and the go-to person for the unit’s administrative
needs. The facility’s smooth operation is a Clinical Administrative Assistant’s primary goal.

OR Medical Assistant (MA)

Foothills Surgery Center is seeking a qualified OR Medical Assistant to assist the nursing staff with
preparing the operating room for surgery, transporting patients and equipment, and supply setup and
removal. The MA must adhere to safety and infection control standards, be patient care driven, and have
effective interpersonal and communication skills.

Pre-Op/PACU Nurse Circulator

Foothills Surgery Center is seeking a qualified Pre-Op/PACU Nurse to administer diligent care to
outpatients via monitoring, assessment, intervention, and continuous reassessment. The post-anesthesia
care unit nurse (PACU nurse) will provide care for post-operative patients recovering from anesthesia,
including general, regional, and local.

Quality Nurse (RN)

Foothills Surgery Center is seeking a qualified Quality Nurse to promote quality and cost-effective outcomes for the ambulatory surgery center by interpreting and applying the policies and procedures guidelines. The Quality Nurse must identify and coordinate the needs of the patients with the needs of the provider, and orchestrate patient care among multiple caregivers from pre-admission through discharge based on age, cultural and individual patient needs.

Surgical Technologist

Foothills Surgery Center is seeking a qualified Surgical Technologist to provide assistance to the surgeon
while maintaining the sterile field during surgical procedures. The Surgical Technologist plans, prepares
and assembles the proper sterile supplies and instruments for planned procedures.


Download the Foothills Surgery Center Application Form Here

Please e-mail completed application to (cover letter and/or resume optional):

Attn: Heather Simeoni

E-mail: H.Simeoni@foothillssurgerycenter.com


Thank you for your interest in working at Foothills Surgery Center!